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This video,, can also be seen at should be able to say anything to them. You should be able to to accept one another’s comments without destroying the bonds of matrimony." — Douglas S. Kepanis , a divorce attorney in New york city6 signs it May be Time to Divorce: Whatever the reason, a marriage that lacks sexual intimacy and affection will either end up in divorce or end up being a marriage of convenience. One in which you stay for the sake of the children or because you are afraid of the lifestyle change divorce will bring.What do I need to know about getting a divorce in New York State? New York has laws that limit how you can get a divorce. There are now seven grounds (reasons) you can use to get a divorce in New York. The divorce judgment will include orders about marital property and marital debts, as well as child custody, visitation, child support, and spousal support.Results 1 – 25 of 308. top rated divorce lawyers in New York, NY. Established Manhattan Attorneys Focusing on nyc divorce law show More. We Fight To Protect The Things That Matter Most.. Breaking Up Doesn't Have to be Hard. recommended you speak with a divorce lawyer to understand the requirements in.A divorce decree is a document that a judge signs and enters into court that represents the final judgment of the divorce. Within this judgment, you will find the layout for alimony, child support, debt, property division, and parenting issues such as parenting schedule or legal vs. physical custody (please see our blog about the difference between legal vs. physical custody).The pain of regret after divorce can be long-lasting, especially when you consider the life-long impact divorce has on your children, your finances, and your emotions. While divorce may be your only option in certain situations, some relationships can be reconciled before the paperwork is filed.You. in NYC. He’s playing nice because I’m stronger with three years of documented evidence and confidence. I let him know I’d destroy him in court. He tried to scream and lawyer away.Divorce is a complicated and emotional time. You often make mistakes during your divorce that you pay for in the future. Here is a list of the 9 things you should never do during a divorce: 1.